Adobe Releases New Photoshop Logo as Part of ‘Evolving Brand Identity’

Ever since the release of Creative Cloud, Adobe has been slowly tweaking its “brand identity” by releasing new logos with rounded corners. Today, they’re taking that a big step forward by redesigning all of its App logos, the Creative Cloud logo, and even the Adobe logo itself.

In a blog post announcing the changes, Adobe’s Sonja Hernandez explains that these changes will “ensure our portfolio continues to be easy for our customers to navigate and understand, as well as maintain a fresh look and feel.”

Three “major” updates are bing debuted today.


First, the Adobe Logo is going single color, all-red, and that particular color red has been updated “to be warmer and more contemporary.”

Second, the Creative Cloud logo is no longer white on red. Instead, the background is a multi-colored rainbow that includes the new Adobe logo red, as well as the various blues, purples, and greens of Adobe’s other products like Premiere, Photoshop and Dreamweaver.

Finally, each App logo, starting with Photoshop, is receiving a more significant redesign. All logo corners will be rounded, the bright colored border around each logo is being removed, 3-letter mnemonics are being added to some products (Photoshop Camera -> PsC), and the logo colors are being updated to “organize products into categories such as Video & Motion or Photography.”

There are other updates being made, but they apply to parts of the Adobe ecosystem that photographers aren’t as involved in, like Document Cloud and Experience Cloud. Overall, the change should (hopefully) make the vast Adobe ecosystem easier to navigate, and more coherent across operating systems.

As the gap between Photoshop on the Desktop, Photoshop on iPad, and Photoshop on other ARM-based computers narrows, it makes sense to have one design language across all platforms.


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