F1 live stream: how to watch the 2019 Chinese Grand Prix online from anywhere

So Mercedes is looking like the team to beat at the Chinese Grand Prix, with Valtteri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton on the front row of the grid at the Shanghai International Circuit. You can watch the crazy cornering, exciting straights and nail-biting near misses from anywhere in the world, using this guide to getting an F1 live stream.

The Shanghai Formula 1 track is relatively youthful with a 2003 birth following a whooping $450 million investment and 18 months of building. The track itself is designed to look like the Chinese symbol “shang” meaning “upwards”. The result is some super fast straights and very high g-force corners. So who can we expect to master this track?

So far we’ve only had a glimpse at what the season may hold with a Bottas, Hamilton, Verstappen finish at the Australian race and a Bahrain podium of Hamilton, Bottas and Leclerc.

So who will take the points this time with Mercedes and Ferrari going head-to-head? The conditions in Shanghai are cool and the roughness of the asphalt is quite low. This is better for cars that focus on the front tyres working best. Evidence suggests Mercedes are looking after their rears, which creates an understeer balance meaning the advantage could sit with Ferrari in Shanghai.

You can catch all the racing action live from anywhere you happen to be using this guide. Read on to find out how to live stream F1 action.

How to watch the Chinese Grand Prix from outside your country

To see how you can live stream the Chinese Grand Prix action in the UK, Australia, the US, Canada and New Zealand, then scroll a little further down this page to see the broadcast options. But if you try and tune in to your native stream from outside your country, you’ll quickly discover that it’s geo-blocked.

How to stream F1 live from China in the UK:

How live stream the Chinese Grand Prix in Australia

How to watch the Chinese Grand Prix in the US:

How to watch a Chinese F1 live stream in the Canada:

How to get an F1 live stream in New Zealand

Source: techradar.com

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