FIFA 18 FUT Legends May Be Exclusive to the PS4


  • FIFA 18 FUT Legends mode may be a PS4 exclusive
  • Sony boss Shawn Layden namedropped the series in an interview
  • EA is yet to announce if Sony or Microsoft has FIFA 18 marketing rights

FIFA 18’s first look is due on June 2 which would detail its gameplay, modes, and possibly marketing partners. In the past Microsoft has had marketing rights to the FIFA series. But this may not be the case any more.

In an interview with Time, Shawn Layden President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment America and Chairman of SIE Worldwide Studios namedropped the fabled franchise along with several other games that are exclusive to the PS4 or have exclusive marketing deals with Sony. He had this to say:

“It’s also the breadth of type of games,” he continues. “And once you get up in the heady heights of 100 million units, you’re talking of a different audience altogether, where having this range of stuff like Detroit: Become Human and FIFA and Call of Duty and Star Wars, it makes the job a whole lot easier.”

Throw in the fact that PES 2018 was announced without any exclusive editions to the PS4 or Xbox One, lends further credence that Sony may be in the running for FIFA.

It’s no secret that outside the US, and especially markets like India and Europe, FIFA is a system seller. So it is possible that Layden just mentioned FIFA due to its popularity. If Sony does have marketing rights, it could also mean that FUT Legends – which was an Xbox One exclusive in the past, would be solely for the PS4.


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