Hands on: Fitbit Inspire HR review


The Fitbit Inspire HR is a big upgrade on the Fitbit Alta HR and it looks like it could be a great device for those beginning to become interested in tracking their fitness stats.


  • Lots of features
  • Slimline design


  • No Fitbit Pay

Until now, Fitbit’s range of cheaper trackers has been plentiful, with the likes of the Fitbit Flex 2, Fitbit Alta and Fitbit Alta HR all sitting in that bracket.

The company has now brought them all together under one roof with the Fitbit Inspire and Fitbit Inspire HR.

We’ve had the opportunity to test out the Inspire HR – this is the one that sports the heart rate tracker – and below you’ll find our hands on review and first impressions.

Fitbit Inspire HR release date and price


We don’t currently have an exact release date for the Fitbit Inspire HR, instead the company has said it will be landing in mid-March this year in the US and UK. It will also be coming to Australia.

The Fitbit Inspire HR is a touch more expensive than its heart-rate-less sibling at $99.95 / £89.99 / AU$169.95. That’s for a version with a silicone band, while other bands cost between $24.95 / £19.99 and $64.95 / £59.99, with options including leather, double wrap and stainless steel.

Considering the Fitbit Alta HR – a product with a similar spec to this tracker – launched in 2017 for $149.95 / £129.99 / AU$249.95, this is quite an affordable fitness device.

Design and display


This is one of the narrowest and therefore sleekest-looking fitness trackers you can buy right now – though it’s quite thick. Still, it’s by far one of the most attractive trackers Fitbit has made, and it’s notably lighter and thinner than the Fitbit Charge 3.

This replaces the Fitbit Alta HR and Fitbit Flex 2 in the company’s line-up of trackers, and it feels like an amalgamation of those two with a few refinements to ensure it’s a smoother product.

You’ve got the color choices of black, lilac or white for this new tracker.

On the right hand side of the body there’s a singular button that you can use to wake the device and take you back to the home screen. To go through your various stats you’ll be using a touchscreen, but it isn’t as responsive as a smartwatch display.


All you actually use the screen for is swiping between a couple of menus to show your stats for the day. You won’t be able to boot up apps here, and the display works in a similar way to how it does on the Charge 3. So this is still a very basic tracker, and the size of the device reflects that.

It comes with a swim-proof build which means you can wear this in the shower without worrying about it getting ruined. Be warned though, this isn’t capable of tracking your swims. You’ll have to opt for the Fitbit Charge 3 to get that added benefit.



The Inspire HR comes with a lot of basic fitness tracking features, such as daily step tracking and the like, but it also boasts connected GPS and a heart rate monitor.

This is one of the most accomplished budget fitness trackers Fitbit has created, and it comes with 15 or more exercise modes as well. It also has a VO2 Max monitor, as well as sleep tracking tech and guided breathing exercises.

We’ve yet to use the Fitbit Inspire HR for any workouts, but it feels comfortable enough to go for a jog with and we reckon this should be a good setup for anyone looking for the core basics from a workout companion.

There are also added benefits such as female health tracking, which is also available on the Fitbit smartwatch range. This gives you a clear picture of your menstrual cycle, with far more detail within the app.

Fitbit says this feature has been a big success for the company on other products, so it wants to expand its use with the latest range of trackers. You can also get notifications directly from your phone, but Fitbit has yet to reveal full details of that.

Battery life

According to Fitbit, the Inspire HR is set to last you “up to 5 days” between charges. That will vary based on how heavily you use it though of course, so regular workouts might result in lesser life.

But that’s a good portion of a week and it’s similar to other fitness trackers we’ve tested in the past. We’ll be sure to put Fitbit’s claim through a proper test for our full review.

Early verdict


The Inspire HR isn’t a particularly cheap fitness tracker when you look at the competition, but it’s a lot cheaper than a Fitbit Charge 3 and some other Fitbit options.

If you want that brand name, or the ability to connect with the Fitbit app, you’re likely to be happy with what’s offered here on the Inspire HR.

Fitbit has brought lots of features here to the range without the huge price tag of the Fitbit Charge 3, and if you’re a beginner looking for the motivation to get fitter, the Inspire HR may be the perfect tracker for you.

Source: techradar.com

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