Moment launches series of MagSafe mounting accessories for iPhone 12

iPhone lens and accessory manufacturer Moment has launched a new collection of mounts that make use of the magnet embedded in the Apple iPhone 12 to attach to the phone. The mount include their own magnets to connect with those in the phone’s body, and different fixtures on the other side that allow users to mount to phone on a support or to mount accessories on the phone.


The accessories line up includes a mount for the air vent of a car, a tripod adapter, a cold shoe to fit accessories to the phone as well as a mount that allows you to attach your iPhone to the wall. Moment says it uses a ‘propreitary (M)Force magnet array’ that offers an extra powerful magnetic field to ensure accessories don’t fall off the phone and the phone doesn’t fall off your tripod.


The mounts can be used with or without an iPhone case, and feature a padded connection surface to avoid damage to the phone’s finish.
Prices for the series start at $19.99 for the wall mount, and go up to $49.99 for the Pro Tripod Mount that also includes a cold shoe for microphones or video lights. These mounts are due to ship in March 2021.


Reintroducing Moment for iPhone 12.

Apple introduced MagSafe. We’re introducing everything else. New Cases. Tripod Mounts. Cold Shoe Mounts. Stick To Anything Mounts. All compatible with MagSafe.

Starting at $19.99. Only at Moment.

Why MagSafe?

We believe it’s the future for how you quickly attach your favorite gear to your phone, and your phone to your favorite gear. Whether you are new to mobile photography or a pro filmmaker, we believe MagSafe will be more accessible than any of the current phone clamp solutions.

Why Moment for MagSafe?

We have engineered a unique magnet array that gives our accessories that extra connective strength. We are calling it (M)Force and it’s in all of our accessory mounts. Patent Pending, each of our mount has a unique use of magnets and mechanical features that make them easier (and stronger) to use. Usable with or without a case, today is just the beginning for what we plan to release.

We are excited for the future of mobile photography and filmmaking with MagSafe. We hope you join us!


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