Samsung Galaxy S21 leak shows that very little comes in the box

It’s been extensively rumored that there won’t be a charging block included with the Samsung Galaxy S21, and now that looks to be all but confirmed, as leaked marketing materials have emerged showing what comes in the box, and a charging block isn’t on the list.

In fact, if these images – shared by WinFuture – are accurate, then very little comes in the box. There’s the Samsung Galaxy S21, Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus, or Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra itself of course, but beyond that there’s just a quick start guide, a USB-C cable, and a SIM card ejection pin.

That means there’s also no earphones included, which is something else that we’d previously heard might be dropped.

We would of course take these images with a pinch of salt, but they’re supposedly official graphics and they certainly look the part. Plus, the author of the WinFuture piece is Roland Quandt, who has a good track record for leaks.

All that, plus the fact that we’ve heard rumors that there won’t be a charging block or headphones in the box multiple times, means we’re fairly confident that these images are accurate.

It’s a move that makes sense too. Apple didn’t include a charging block with the iPhone 12 range, as not doing so saves money and helps the environment. It’s also unlikely to be a big loss for most people, as if you’re anything like us you have an ever-growing collection of charging blocks from old tech.

Similarly, most people already have earphones or headphones, and likely ones that are better than the cheap pairs you’d typically find bundled with a phone. And if you don’t, well, Samsung will happily sell you some – which is good for Samsung, even if it’s not for you.

We’ll know for sure what’s in the Galaxy S21 box soon, as Samsung is set to unveil the S21 and its siblings on January 14 (tomorrow at the time of writing), and TechRadar will be covering the announcement in full – so check back then for all the details.


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