Should I buy the Pioneer SE-MJ722T-T Headphones on Black Friday?

The bottom line: If there’s a set of budget headphones that have been purposely manufactured to tap into the teenage market, the Pioneer SE-MJ722T-Ts are the ones. Firstly, you only need to look at the blend of tan and white to think fashionista. And secondly, having been optimised to deliver a heavy, bassy sound, there’s one genre of music they’re excellent for – and that’s club anthems. Anyone who isn’t particularly fussy about the overall quality of the sound and at the price they’re marketed at, you can’t be, will probably love these. For those who like to pick out the individual instruments in their music, stay away.

Pros: Padding on headband as well as ears, great bassy sound

Cons: Not balanced for different music genres

Pioneer SE-MJ722T-T Headphones: Everything you need to know

Thought has gone into the style and design of these headphones to bring a product that is completely optimised for its market. Pioneer have made no secret that these are built for playing bassy club classics not complex, multi-layered tracks, and they’ve definitely styled them with teenager or young adult in mind.

Besides that, with a 40mm cushioned driver unit, they sit comfortably on top of the ear, while the cushioned headband with its ergonomic style promises to ensure that they’ll remain comfortable no matter how long you wear them. At 420g, they’re not the lightest headphones on the market, so it’s probably a good job that they have extra padding. Some of that weight could be down to the folding mechanism, which handily allows them to be folded away into a bag or a pocket.


As we’ve already emphasised, these headphones are built for deep base and with the capability to produce 6Hz to 40,000Hz, those club anthem tracks will sound pretty good. If you’re not too fussy about the overall quality of the sound, they’re certainly not the worst on the market and with a max volume of 101db, cranking up the volume shouldn’t be a problem.

Pioneer have also implemented a microphone into the cable to make the transition between listening to music and taking calls easier.


Also available in white, black and red and black, make sure you keep an eye out for price drops for each of the colours this Black Friday. If you’re looking for a decent pair of budget headphones that are comfortable to wear, you can’t go wrong with these SE-MJ722T-T Headphones from Pioneer – just don’t expect miracles when it comes to balanced sound.


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