Watch an Apple iPhone 7 Plus being dropped from the tallest building in the world

The man who drilled a headphone jack in his iPhone 7, has now put the phone through another torture. He put the new iPhone through a drop test from the 148th floor of Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

This world is loaded with crazies! Taking drop tests to all new heights (828 meter to be precise), this man did a drop test on a Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus from the top of Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the tallest building in the world. In the video, the vlogger does a little show and tell to prove that it is a real iPhone 7 Plus, climbs up to the 148th floor of the building and flings the phone off through a narrow gap in the glass panel and records the phone’s fall towards nihility using a GoPro. The building is so tall, you barely see the phone fall for like seconds, and then it is just gone.

Naturally, there is no way to really get the result of the drop test. But for some vague reason, after dropping it from the height of the sky, he actually goes back to track his iPhone. Like sure, something would be left of that phone after the fall! Of course, he finds an error in locating the iPhone. “This thing is fried,” the vlogger says in the video. “It’s completely destroyed. The impact hit it to the point where I can’t even track it.”

Within just two days of being uploaded, the video has over nine million views. Also, it’s interesting to know that this vlogger is the same guy who played a prank by creating a headphone jack on the iPhone 7 by simply drilling it. Some people took that prank way too seriously. That video presently has over 13 million views. The same vlogger has also done a few videos where he bathed the iPhone 6s in melted crayons, and smashed the Apple Watch using powerful magnets. Yup, this man is just a destroyer, but boy are his video entertaining. ALSO READS: This video demos how to drill 3.5mm headphone jack in iPhone 7, but it’s a prank

But he is not alone, there are other vloggers who are really testing the limits of the new iPhone 7. One of the key highlights of the new iPhones is the IP67 water resistance capabilities – meaning they can survive accidental splash of water, or can be submerged under one meter water for up to 30 minutes. YouTubers have been putting the phones through a good amount of torture by putting them not only in water but fizzy drinks and hot coffee. ALSO READ: Apple iPhone 7 waterproof tests pit it against fizzy drinks, hot coffee, and the ocean

Another was the iPhone durability test with the ocean waves. Pro surfer Kai Lenny put the iPhone 7’s water resistance to test in the salty waters of the Pacific Ocean. Lenny, with the help of warranty company SquareTrade, attached the iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 to his surfboard along with a GoPro camera to shoot it. The saline water can cause havoc to a device’s internal components, but the results were surprising.

Now while, the iPhones may survive accidental water splashes and dunk in water, we’d like to highlight that they are water resistant and not waterproof. Also, the Apple warranty for does not cover any liquid damage, so be very cautious before submerging them in water. As a safety measure, when your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus comes in contact of water, wipe it clean with a dry piece of cloth and do not connect the charger for at least five hours. Further, the phone is definitely not meant to be thrown off buildings, so we strictly recommend for everyone to never try this at home.


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