Xbox Scorpio Release Date Possibly Revealed in E3 2017 Teaser


  • Xbox Scorpio could launch on October 13
  • An Xbox Scorpio teaser hints at this
  • Microsoft should officially reveal a date at E3 2017

We’re days away from Microsoft announcing the Xbox Scorpio price and release date at E3 2017. With analysts weighing in on a possible $399 price for the Xbox Scorpio, it appears that the console’s release date may be hidden in an E3 teaser from the company.

One teaser shows a large crowd at what seems to be music concert. On the stage to the right is “X10S101-317”. Assuming that X10S is Xbox Scorpio, you’re left with a possible October 13, 2017 Xbox Scorpio release date. This is a Friday and would be in line with the Xbox One that also launched on a Friday.

Previously it was suggested by analyst Michael Pachter of Wedbush Securities that the Xbox Scorpio price could be $399 (around Rs. 25,780). During his show Pachter Factor, he set out to list his predictions for E3 2017, with the Xbox Scorpio price headlining it.

According to Pachter the Xbox Scorpio price has to be lower than what the Xbox One cost at launch and it would crucial if Microsoft hoped have a “chance of remaining relevant this cycle” and that the company can’t afford to “price themselves out of the market.”

Like most leaks and reports pre-E3, this should be taken with a fistful of salt. We’ll know for sure what to expect from Microsoft when its E3 2017 conference takes place this Sunday.

The Xbox One equivalent to the PS4 Pro saw a spec reveal a couple of months ago. At E3 2017 Microsoft is expected to finally tell us how much the Xbox Scorpio would cost (some reports claim $399), when you can buy it, and what games you can play on it.

With Microsoft’s conference being 90 minutes long, expect a large chunk of it to focus on Xbox Scorpio, and perhaps its VR and AR capabilities too.


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