Helldivers 2 Medal cap explained – what it is, and how many you can bank

What’s new in Helldivers 2?

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Unfortunately, the Automatons have returned, and are launching assaults on a host of new planets. Not only that, but new mission types are available, including a defense level, where players can use giant steel doors to box in enemies.

The current Helldivers 2 Medal cap will stop you from earning more Medals once you reach it. This can be frustrating, especially if you don’t know what the cap is, and sign in to find you’ve missed some of the rewards from Major Orders.

Since it launched earlier this year, Helldivers 2 has continued to go from strength to strength and has even added two major updates in the form of new Warbonds. You’ll need Medals to work through each one, as they’re essentially Battle Passes that offer rewards in exchange for earned currency.

Here’s what you need to know about the Helldivers 2 Medal cap, including what it is, and whether it’s likely to change any time soon.

What is the Helldivers 2 Medal cap?

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The Helldivers 2 Medal cap is currently 250. This means that once you hit 250 Medals, you will not be able to earn or bank anymore. It’s unclear whether this is set to change in the future.

We recommend spending any Medals you have, saving 100 at most. This is because of just how many Medals you’ll get passively via Major Orders. Some weeks have seen multiple Major Orders launch, with players earning upwards of 120 Medals just for logging on and playing.

What are Helldivers 2 Medals?

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Medals are a kind of currency in Helldivers 2. They are used to unlock rewards via Warbonds, with there currently being three in-game. There’s one Warbond available for all players, which will offer rewards like the Breaker Shotgun in exchange for Medals. Medals can be saved, up to the Medal cap, and spent across whatever Warbonds you have purchased/unlocked.

How to earn more Helldivers 2 Medals

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The main way to earn Medals in Helldivers 2 is by completing missions. Higher difficulty levels grant higher rewards, as does completing missions in the same campaign.

Additionally, there are Personal Orders and Major Orders. Think of Personal Orders as daily challenges, rewarding players with Medals for completing tasks like killing 100 enemies with the Machine Gun. Major Orders are akin to the main goal of the community. They tend to reward massive amounts of Medals, depending on the progress of the collective player base over a set amount of time.

Finally, Medals can be found in-mission, behind two-person doors, or in blue and orange crates. The crates require an explosion to open, and there’s no guarantee that they’ll contain Medals (they can also contain Requisition Slips, Super Credits, and Special Weapons).

Is the Helldivers 2 Medal cap being increased?

A Helldiver wears the CE-27 yellow and black Ground Breaker armor and runs towards the camera across a desert planet

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At present, there’s no word on whether the Helldivers 2 Medal cap will be increased. One thing’s for sure, however, and that is that the rate at which players are earning Medals has been increasing since launch. Given just how easy it is to hit the Medal cap, it’s likely there’ll be some changes to how it works. For now, we’ll have to wait for an official update.

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