Fotodiox TLT ROKR Adaptor – Tilt, Shift & Rotate your Pentax P67 Lenses

Tilt-shift lenses are generally speciality lenses that allow you to tilt, shift and rotate the lens on the mount. These mechanisms also add a premium to the cost of these lenses.

These lenses are common in architecture use due to the ability to shift the lens position to recompose the shot without adding distortion due to perspective. Creating wide panoramas with a tilt-shift lens provides zero perspective distortion, allowing for a seamless stitch in post.

The lenses can also be used creatively thanks to the ability to create a shallow depth of field that is not perpendicular to the image. This can be used to create the miniaturising effect, commonly seen in time-lapse videos.

Tilt-shift lenses are also particularly useful for product photography to achieve a wider depth of field.

Fotodiox has now announced the new TLT ROKR Adaptor that adds the ability to tilt, shift & rotate medium-format Pentax (P67, PK67) lenses onto the adapted mount. The use of medium format lenses is required due to the larger image circle required when shifting the lens. More lens options other than medium-format Pentax mount are coming soon.

The adaptor allows for 10-degrees of tilt, 20mm of shift and 360-degrees of rotation.



Providing up to 10-degrees of tilt in either direction, you will be able to adjust the angle of the focal plane. This can be used to create selective focus or bring more into focus.



Shifting the lens allows you to recompose the image without adjusting or moving the camera. If you are shooting a tall building for example, you can keep the camera level and shift the lens up to keep the buildings straight without any perspective distortion.


The rotation of the lens is needed so you can shift the lens either horizontally or vertically.


TLT ROKR is currently available for Pentax 6×7 lenses (P67, PK67) to five lens options:

  • Canon EOS (EF,EF-S) Mount SLR Camera Bodies
  • Fujifilm Fuji X-Series Mirrorless Camera Bodies
  • Nikon F Mount SLR Camera Bodies
  • Sony Alpha A-mount SLT Camera Bodies
  • Sony Alpha E-mount Mirrorless Camera Bodies


Kipon also has similar tilt-shift adaptors (30-models in total) including variations using medium-format Hasselblad lenses or full-frame lenses on APS-C and smaller mounts like Micro 4/3. The adaptors range from USD $142 to $340.



At USD$199, the TLT ROKR adaptors provide an affordable way to get the features that you get on a native tilt-shift lens without the high cost. You will need to factor in the cost of the medium-format lenses though.

Comparatively, here are some native tilt-shift lenses which could be used on other mounts with a lens adaptor.

  • Canon TS-E 24mm F/3.5L EF-mount USD $1,899
  • Canon TS-E 90mm F/2.8 EF-mount USD $1,199
  • Rokinon 24mm f/3.5 EF-mount USD $799
  • Nikon PC-E Nikkor 24mm F/3.5D – USD $2,196.96


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