PlayStation Pulse Elite pre-order guide – where to buy the upcoming PS5 headset

PlayStation Pulse Elite pre-order links

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US – jump to retailer links
Amazon – $149.99
Walmart – $149.99
Best Buy – $149.99
GameStop – $149.99
PS Direct – $149.99

UK – jump to retailer links
Amazon – £129.99
Very – £129.99
Argos – £129.99
EE – £129.99
Game – £129.99
PS Direct – £129.99

New PS5 hardware

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If you want to find out where to place a PlayStation Pulse Elite pre-order, we have you covered. We’re as excited as you are about the next official PlayStation 5 Pulse headset, and want to help you in making a pre-order as easy as possible.

With the original PS5 Pulse 3D wireless headset being one of the best PS5 headsets money can buy, we’re hoping for big things from the Elite set. Offering planar magnetic drivers, a retractable microphone, up to 30 hours of battery life (with quick charging), and speedy and lossless connectivity through PlayStation Link (Sony’s new proprietary wireless tech), it certainly sounds like it’s taking things up a notch when it will find its way into players’ hands come February 21, 2024.

As a result, placing a PlayStation Pulse Elite pre-order is definitely worth considering if you’re looking to upgrade your audio game. And we’re here to help: we’re keeping tabs on all the best places to pre-order and which retailers have readily-available stock so it’ll pay to bookmark this page and keep those links to hand. Plus, if you got a PlayStation Portal for Christmas, then teaming it with the upcoming wireless headset (or the Pulse Explore earbuds) will likely be of great interest right now.

Anyway, cutting to it, we’ve gathered up a host of links to retailers below that’ll take you straight to where you need to be and have also included our price-finding tech on this page, too, which automatically updates.

PlayStation Pulse Elite pre-orders – US

Pre-order at Amazon – $149.99
Making things beautifully convenient at this time of year, the online retailer behemoth Amazon has live pre-orders in stock and ready to go.View Deal

Pre-order at Walmart – $149.99
After a bit of delay in appearing at the big retailer, you can now finally place a Pulse Elite pre-order at Walmart for the standard price.View Deal

Pre-order at Best Buy – $149.99
Best Buy is another go-to place for Sony per-orders and the Elite is no exception. Place your order here, and be sure to select the right store or delivery option.View Deal

Pre-order at GameStop – $149.99
You can safely place a Pulse Elite pre-order at the gaming specialist retailer GameStop right now. Stock seems steady too.View Deal

Pre-order at Target – $149.99
Target has got stock right now and you can pre-order right away. Remember to choose the right store or the delivery option depending on your needs.View Deal

Pre-order at PlayStation Direct – $149.99
You can go straight to the source and pre-order the Elite headset from PlayStation Direct in the US. You can get free delivery here too, and potentially expedited shipping if you’re a PS Plus member.View Deal

PlayStation Pulse Elite pre-orders – UK

Pre-order at Amazon UK – £129.99
Making it nice and easy, you can pre-order simply at Amazon right now to bag your Elite headset ahead of its release early next year.View Deal

Pre-order at Very – £129.99
You can head over to Very right now and pre-order the Pulse Elite headset. A popular retailer in the UK, you can trust this one for such a pre-order.View Deal

Pre-order at Argos – £129.99
The Pulse Elite headset is up for pre-orders at Argos and you can get it delivered on launch day from the big retailer.View Deal

Pre-order at EE – £129.99
Not necessarily folks’ go-to for gaming gear, but the mobile phone operator’s store has pre-order stock ready to go.View Deal

Pre-order at Game – £129.99
As well as stocking the earbuds we also like the look of, Game has a steady pre-order stock of the Elite headset ready to go and nail down.View Deal

Pre-order at PlayStation Direct – £129.99
Pre-orders for the Pulse Elite are open directly at Sony’s storefront – and you’ll get free delivery if you’re a PS Plus member.View Deal

As you can see nailing down a Pulse Elite pre-order is looking relatively easy right now – certainly more so compared to the headset’s earbud-shaped brethren which has been incredibly popular. Nonetheless, we’ll be keeping this page updated with options, links, and stock updates as and when we can, while our price-finding tech will always show the latest prices and deals it can find on the net.

Pre-order PlayStation Pulse Elite – FAQs

How much is the Pulse Elite headset?

The PlayStation Pulse Elite wireless headset costs $149.99 / £129.99 placing it about 30% more than it’s predecessor, the Pulse 3D headset.

What are the features of the Pulse Elite headset?

The Pulse Elite headset refines and builds upon the 3D Pulse that came before it offering lossless, audio, lightning-fast connectivity using PlayStation link technology, planar magnetic drivers, AI-enhanced noise rejection, and dual-connectivity with Bluetooth. There’s also a retractable mic, charging hangar, and a battery life of up to 30 hours.

Looking for something that’s not cord-free? Peruse our list of the best wired gaming headsets you can buy right now.


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