The RAINBOW 2 Pro controller: Elite performance without breaking the bank

PC gamers have long embraced RGB lighting schematics as part of their set-up, and it has even been a recurring joke within the community that the additional lighting in your build can improve the frame rates of your favorite games. While frames do win games, the idea that RGB lighting can affect your frame rate has no merit. A more effective way to win your matches is with an elite controller like the BigBig Won Rainbow 2 Pro controller.

Elite controllers often boast benefits over standard controllers that can immediately affect your gameplay. Bonus features like additional buttons, trigger stops, and high polling rates can all give you the upper advantage when you’re in the heat of a battle. The Rainbow 2 Pro controller from BigBig Won has taken the formula for elite controllers and fine-tuned it to further give gamers the powerful tools they need to secure a victory in the palm of their hands.

One of the most notable features of an elite style controller is a higher polling rate, but controllers that benefit from high polling rates can often cost more than $200. The BigBig Won Rainbow 2 Pro can reach a polling rate of 1000Hz over a wired connection at a fraction of that cost. A higher polling rate reduces input lag, helping you get an advantage over the competition when responsiveness matters. The Rainbow 2 Pro also lets you customize the polling rate to your own preferences using the custom app.

The Rainbow 2 Pro offers 4 remappable buttons, 2 on the back of the controller with 2 on the top next to the standard bumpers. These buttons can be customized and set as Macros and Turbos as the player sees fit using the supported BigBig Won app. Hall-effect triggers further improve responsiveness and playability as they utilize a system of magnets for more accurate input measurements. The Rainbow 2 Pro also offers a trigger-stop switch for both trigger controls, giving you the option of a long pull for more control in racing games compared to a shorter “hair trigger” pull which is ideal for first-person shooters.

First-person shooter players will also find that the included ALPS thumb sticks for the Rainbow 2 Pro sit higher and are topped with an anti-slip cap surrounded by a steel collar, improving the lifespan, and accuracy of the controller. Taller sticks aren’t always ideal for every genre, however, so the Rainbow Pro 2 features 3 changeable joystick caps and 2 different D-pad caps, so you can customize the experience to match your gaming preferences. Unlike other elite controllers, the Rainbow 2 Pro also features support for motion controls, even on platforms where motion controls are not typically available.

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It’s not enough for a controller to just play well and have solid functionality, though. Gamers are often proud of their set-ups, and want accessories that are customizable and unique so that they fit in with the aesthetic of their gaming rig. The Rainbow Pro 2 controller features a sleekly designed frosted transparent shell that softly defuses the lighting from an LED strip along the contours of the controller. The RGB lighting is fully customizable using the ELITE App, which can be downloaded via Google Play or on the Apple App Store. The controller features 180-degree rubberized grips and audio controls with a 3.5mm audio jack, ensuring you have a steady hold and quick access to important controls without sacrificing your game performance.

There’s a cost to coming out on top, both in form and function, and elite controllers often come paired with elite price tags. The BigBig Won Rainbow 2 Pro won’t break the bank, costing just $69.99. The Rainbow 2 Pro controller is wireless and features a lithium polymer battery which can be charged via an additional charging dock. Purchasing the BigBig Won Rainbow 2 Pro as a bundle with the controller dock will cost only $79.99, more than half of the price of comparable elite controllers without RGB from other brands.

BigBig Won Rainbow 2 Pro controller

(Image credit: BigBig Won )

BigBig Won was founded in 2019 and has made a name for itself as a cutting-edge force in the industry, creating unique and innovative gaming peripherals which include game controllers, adapters, and gaming headsets.


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