VAVA Home Cam review: This crowd-funded camera delivers solid security

VAVA built its brand catering to the tech demands of modern lifestyles. While humidifiers, blenders, and other household items make up much of its product line, one of its greatest successes has been a well-received Kickstarter-funded dash cam. Now the company is bringing that crowdfunding approach back to the home with the VAVA Home Cam.

VAVA expects to bring the camera to market in December; the company provided us a reviewable prototype for this story. It’s worth remembering that participating in crowd-funding campaigns comes with an element of risk. This is an “all-or-nothing” campaign in which Kickstarter releases the pledged funds only if the company makes its goal (which VAVA has already done). But Kickstarter doesn’t hold the company raising funds to account if it fails to deliver a product. You can read more about that on this page on Kickstarter. That said, VAVA has been in business since 2015, and this is its second successful crowd-funding campaign.

The camera has a utilitarian, wireless design that’s easy to integrate inside or outside your home. Outdoor users will be pleased to know it has an IP66 weatherproof rating—meaning it’s “dust tight” and protected against heavy powerful jets of water—and that it comes with a rechargeable battery VAVA says is specially engineered to last a full year on a single charge. If that’s not tantalizing enough, an optional solar panel is available to keep the battery charged continuously.

The camera itself has a 140-angle field of view for wide coverage, and it records video in 1080p resolution. It also includes motion-detection alerts and night vision.


The camera records encrypted video locally to a 128GB microSD card on its accompanying base station. The camera also includes RTSP support so you can save video to your personal NAS. The company recently unlocked a cloud storage option after hitting one of its funding targets.

VAVA is currently offering the Home Cam on Kickstarter for a pledge of $159, a $90 discount off the expected retail price. You can get the camera with a solar panel for a $199 pledge. Multi-camera and other bundles are also available.

Setup and usage

Before you can use the VAVA Home Cam, you must pair it with the base station. That means first connecting the base station to your router via an ethernet cable, and then wirelessly syncing the camera to the base station. It takes several minutes but it’s relatively painless, and the VAVA Home mobile app walks you through the process step by step.


Naturally, a camera this versatile comes with several mounting options. The simplest for indoor use is the