Blu promises Android spyware issues are fully resolved

US smartphone maker Blu has said that it’s addressed user privacy issues caused by Adups software that was silently sending personal information about users of certain Blu devices back to a server in China.

While the original issue was raised by security company Kryptowire last month and Blu swiftly disabled the offending software components, the company says it’s also going to roll out updates that will fully remove the Adups software from its handsets. For clarity, the software was officially installed on the devices, but was using features that Blu says it specifically declined, and it didn’t affect all its phones.

As a result of the privacy snafu, it’s switching to the official Google updater service instead of Adups and alll new models being sold from this month onwards will no longer come with Adups pre-installed, according to comments given to PCMag by Blu’s CEO Sammy Ohev-Zion.

Ohev-Zion also said that the scare has also taught the company a tough lesson about being fully in control of the services that go on its phones and that it will “not install third-party applications where we don’t have the source code and don’t understand the behaviour”. Just for good measure, Blu’s also retained the services of Kryptowire to make sure the problem doesn’t happen again.

It’s not great timing for the company, just as it officially launched its first handset for the UK market, but with a swift and decisive response, damage to the brand has probably been contained as best it could have been. That, of course, probably doesn’t feel very comforting for people whose data was transmitted.


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  1. Reply fried_egg December 5, 2016 at 4:06 pm

    There are few companies that don’t outsource some part of their business operations and so expose themselves to this reputational risk… but the cheaper and more virtual the company the more risk they take on… and people do not forgive smaller brands for such errors. Buyer beware. It is a wake up to all who outsource and do not have control over what is happening in those far away plants they rely on

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