PlayStation Pulse Explore restock tracker – where to check stock of the earbuds now

Pulse Explore restock quick links

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PS Direct – $199.99
Check stock at GameStop – check zip code
Check stock at Amazon
Check stock at Best Buy
Check stock at Walmart
Check stock at Target

Amazon – from £190
Argos – £199.99 – check postcode
Currys – £199
EE – £199.99
PS Direct – £199.99
Check stock at Very
Check stock at Game

Keeping on top of PlayStation Pulse Explore earbuds restocks is now a fun sequal to the Portal restock trouble folks have been experiencing – but never fear, as we’re here to help point you in the right direction to try your luck at retailers or poke about in the right places.

The buds’ December 2023 release date has crept up on us but the earbuds have already been in hot demand throughout their pre-order phase. Now, unfortunately, we regret to inform you that Pulse Explore stock is proving nigh-on impossible to find in the US. In the UK, the picture is better with several retailers having readily available stock.

The attraction of changing your PlayStation 5 audio and getting it from some top gaming earbuds as opposed to a larger PS5 headset is something many folks are looking forward to given the current state of PlayStation Pulse Explore stock. As a result, we’re in a similar position to the PlayStation Portal, continually checking and trying retailers to see if stock has dropped or if there’s a chance to get lucky with a physical store.

We think that the Pulse Explore earbuds with their planar magnetic drivers and AI-enhanced noise rejection could well be one of the most exciting holiday acquisitions for PS5 fans, offering a whole different way to experience game audio. Also, those looking for PlayStation Portal restocks and those who have secured one of the new handhelds will be particularly interested – the Portal and Explore buds do seem to be a great match.

Anyway, let’s get to it, below, we’ve covered all the go-to retailers that are worth checking for stock, and we’ll be updating this page regularly.

Where to buy PlayStation Pulse Explore – US

Check stock at Amazon
If stock is ever going to appear out of the blue then it’s at the biggest online retailer going; Amazon’s always worth checking we’d recommend bookmarking the store page as a result.View Deal

Check stock at Best Buy
Best Buy’s listing page is up and live but only has the inactive ‘Sold Out’ button on it. We know of folks in the Portal and PS5 community have had luck at Best Buy today, too, so it’s definitely worth trying regularly henceforth.View Deal

Check stock at Walmart
Walmart’s page is currently inactive, but we know this is the right listing URL for it so it’s worth checking nonetheless.View Deal

Check stock at Target
Unfortunately out of stock at Target as well, the buds have a live listing page but a greyed-out Add to Cart button at present. Hopefully stock will return soon, so Target is still one to keep an eye on.View Deal

Check stock at PlayStation Direct
Certainly worth keeping tabs on, too, is PlayStation Direct itself. While currently out of stock, the page’s listing currently says “Not in stock? We are regularly restocking this item on site, please check back later.” As a result, we think it’s worth checking here regularly.View Deal

Where to buy PlayStation Pulse Explore – UK

Amazon UK – from £190
You can currently place orders for the Pulse Explore earbuds at Amazon UK right now – and they’re already being sold at a small discount by a seller! (Amazon itself has stock at the full retail price.)View Deal

Argos – £199.99 Check postcode
Argos seems to have some stock available but it’s down to a bit of postcode roulette as to whether you can get it. You’ll have to check your location and see if your local store has stock or if you get a greenlight for delivery.View Deal

Currys – £199
Currys have re-entered the Pulse Explore stock game, and have the buds available to purchase right now! Available for delivery but with store-delivery and pickup an option this could work very well if you live near a bruick and mortar Currys tooView Deal

EE – £199.99
Not necessarily a storefront that immediately comes to mind for gaming gear, but phone service provider EE has come to the party with Explore earbuds stock!View Deal

PlayStation Direct – £199.99
The buds are back in stock at the official PlayStation Direct storefront! There’s free and quick delivery here too so it’s very reliable to go official.View Deal

Check stock at Very
The Pulse Explore earbuds are now out of stock again Very. Keep checking back here though as we’ve seen stock return more than once.View Deal

Check stock at Game
Despite holding stock for what seemed like an eternity, Game has finally run out. Definitely worth checking regularly though as the UK’s go-to game-focused retailer.View Deal

As it stands, those are your best US and UK options for knowing where to buy PlayStation Pulse Explore earbuds – or try to. As we are doing with the Portal, we’ll be doing our very best to keep links updated and this page refreshed with the latest stocks news, but our price-finding tech, below, should be able to present you with some quickfire links at any time.

PlayStation Pulse Explore alternatives

If you really want to get some top-quality gaming earbuds and have no desire to wait for PlayStation Pulse Explore restocks, or can stretch your brief to be a bit more all-encompassing, then the below options could prove excellent alternatives for you. (Note: none of the wireless earbuds below will work with the PlayStation Portal, only the Pulse Explore earbuds can offer that combination.)

Where to buy PlayStation Pulse Explore – FAQs

How much are the Pulse Explore earbuds?

The PlayStation Pulse Explore earbuds are $199.99 / £199.99 and are up for pre-order right now. They are proving popular though so pre-order options in the US particularly can fluctuate.

Do the Pulse Explore earbuds work with Bluetooth?

Yes! The Pulse Explore earbuds will support Bluetooth – however, not for it’s main gaming audio functionality. Game audio from the PS5, PlayStation Portal, or PC (using the dongle) will be provided by PlayStation Link, but you can use Bluetooth to listen to music or take phone calls simultaneously.

Will there be PlayStation Pulse Explore stock before the holidays?

We sure hope there will be PlayStation Pulse Explore earbud restocks in the run-up to Christmas but we can’t guarantee it, naturally (sadly). However, we hold out hope as the US PlayStation Direct listing page currently says “Not in stock? We are regularly restocking this item on site, please check back later” so it’s worth bearing in mind that restocks might be being primed in the background.

Thankfully, stock is holding nicely in the UK, but wherever you are, keep checking back here with our updated page for the latest places and links to try.

If you’re looking for other kinds of audio givers, then check out our guides to the best PS4 headsets, the best Xbox Series X headsets, and the best Nintendo Switch headsets.


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