Watch Google’s self-driving car hitting a bus in Mountain View

Google’s self-driving car was involved in its first accident last month, and here’s the video of the incident.

Google’s self-driving car had its first recorded crash on Valentine’s Day last month, when the autonomous Lexus RX SUV hit a public bus in Mountain View. Now Associated Press has obtained and shared a video that shows the exact moment when the SUV drove into the side of the bus at low-speed.

The video contains CCTV footage from inside the bus and you can see the shock on the face of the bus driver who is clearly not at fault. Right after the accident, the driver stops the bus and gets out to inspect the damage. Thankfully the accident occurred at low speed, so no passengers were hurt.

Last month after the accident, Google released a statement revealing how and why the self-driving car was involved in the accident. “On February 14, our vehicle was driving autonomously and had pulled toward the right-hand curb to prepare for a right turn. It then detected sandbags near a storm drain blocking its path, so it needed to come to a stop. After waiting for some other vehicles to pass, our vehicle, still in autonomous mode, began angling back toward the center of the lane at around 2 mph – and made contact with the side of a passing bus traveling at 15 mph. Our car had detected the approaching bus, but predicted that it would yield to us because we were ahead of it.”

Despite the accident we should not consider it as a complete failure for Google. These sort of accidents happen quite often involving human drivers, and sometimes with worse results. We are also likely to come across more such incidents as Google and other automobile companies leave the labs and test their self-driving vehicles in public places.

The accident video follows.


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