Samsung Galaxy S11 likely to have a 108MP camera – but not the sensor we know about

It has been looking likely for a while now that the Samsung Galaxy S11 will have a 108MP camera, as Samsung has announced just such a lens and it has been rumored for inclusion on the phone, but a new rumor suggests Samsung will actually use a different, currently unknown 108MP lens.

That’s according to @UniverseIce (a reliable leaker) who wrote on Twitter that there’s a high probability Samsung will use a ‘new’ 108MP sensor. While it’s not clear exactly what lens this would be, it’s likely to be a second-gen version of the one Samsung has already announced.

Highlights of that lens include the ability to take in lots of light (for strong low-light performance), and lossless 6K video. It already sounds impressive, so an improved version could be a real winner, though we’re not sure in what ways Samsung would improve it.

That Samsung will use a 108MP lens at all for the Galaxy S11, let alone a new, unannounced one, is of course just rumor for now, but it would make sense. Smartphone cameras are one of the key areas of competition at the moment, and a high-quality 108MP lens could certainly wow potential buyers.

Opting for a second-gen version of Samsung’s 108MP lens would also make sense, since the original version is set to land on a Xiaomi handset first, so it won’t be a totally new thing by the time the Samsung Galaxy S11 launches.

So we’d say this rumor is likely to be accurate, but we’re sure to hear plenty more about the Samsung Galaxy S11 ahead of its launch early next year, so stay tuned for updates.


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