Where to pre-order PlayStation Portal – stock available at retailers now

Pre-order PlayStation Portal – quick links

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GameStop – $199.99

Game – £199.99
PlayStation Direct – £199.99

If you’re looking to pre-order PlayStation Portal in these last few days before it releases then your options are a bit limited – but it’s certainly not impossible. However, stock has been wildly fluctuating in recent weeks and days with only PlayStation Direct looking to be your best bet currently, however we’ve seen stock come and go from all the main players on both sides of the Atlantic, most recently GameStop in the US and Game in the UK. Given how stock can fluctuate wildly it’s worth keeping tabs on all of the potential sources.

For many folks, particularly those who mainly play on PS5, the PlayStation Portal accessory could be a revolutionary device, opening up extra gaming opportunities and time. I’m incredibly excited about it and it’s going to be perfect for my life from a use-case perspective. Also, given its form factor, having been designed around a DualSense controller it’s going to be brilliant for me, and others, from an accessibility perspective – I don’t even care that it’s not got Bluetooth, given what it’ll offer me.

Aside from the upcoming Black Friday gaming deals and Black Friday PS5 deals, a PlayStation Portal pre-order could be one of the most exciting acquisitions that fans can make in the run-up to the holidays – but it’s getting harder to nail down your PS Portal pre-order as the device has proved popular and stock is down to just a few retailers. With stock fluctuating wildly, we recommend you keep checking all these links and retailers.

If you’re still on the fence and need some help working out whether the device is for you, then check out our guide to should you buy a PlayStation Portal, as well as our PlayStation Portal vs Backbone One comparison.

We’ve covered all the go-to stockists and retailers that are worth looking at right now below, but if you’re looking for a quick snapshot, our price-finding tech will give you the best price, deal, and availability it can find just below before we get into it.

Where to pre-order PlayStation Portal – US

Pre-order at GameStop – $199.99
The game-specialist retailer did have stock for a long while and has seen fluctuations in recent weeks so is worth a bookmark and keeping an eye on.View Deal

Pre-order at PlayStation Direct – $199.99 (currently out of stock)
Unbelievably, a couple of days before launch in the US, PlayStation Sirect itself has seemingly run out of stock. Direct at the manufacturer has been the go-to for reliability so it’ll probably pay to keep on top of this link, but this is still a significant moment!View Deal

Pre-order at Walmart- $199.99 (currently out of stock)
Up until very recently, this was the retailer to have stock in and its stock levels are still coming and going so we’d say it’s not a bad idea to keep an eye on Walmart this week if you prefer to shop there. View Deal

Pre-order at Amazon – $199.99 (currently out of stock)
The go-to behemoth online retailer should be worth keeping tabs on – if stock can reappear anywhere quickly and out of the blue, then this is as good a place as any.View Deal

Pre-order at Best Buy – $199.99 (currently out of stock)
Best Buy also had stock levels go up and down in the past couple of weeks, and given that said stock can depend on where you live, it’s a good idea to keep this one regularly refreshed.View Deal

Pre-order at Newegg – $199.99 (currently out of stock)
At one point, Newegg was the only retailer away from PlayStation Direct to still have stock, but now it too is listing the Portal as out of stock. Well worth a check though, as are all these retailers.View Deal

Pre-order at Target – $199.99 (currently out of stock)
Target has seen stock so is a worthwhile candidate to keep an eye on given the current state of affairs – though we think one of the above retailers is perhaps slightly more likely to get stock first.View Deal

Where to pre-order PlayStation Portal – UK

Pre-order at Game – £199.99
Heading up stock availability in the UK is the video game specialist retailer, Game – as many would have predicted. This store’s stock, as far as we know, hasn’t fluctuated at all since the listing became active, so looks like the current best bet right now.View Deal

Pre-order at PlayStation Direct – £199.99
Also not having stock fluctuation issues is the official UK PlayStation Direct store – another solid place to place a PlayStation pre-order right now, just days before launch.View Deal

Pre-order at Amazon – £199.99 (currently out of stock)
Many UK shoppers’ go-to retailer has seen its PS Portal stock go up and down, particularly in the last couple of weeks. As with the PS5 stock problems, however, it’s worth keeping an eye on this page as it can change very quickly.View Deal

Pre-order at Currys – £199.99 (currently out of stock)
Always worth a look in the UK, electrical specialist and huge stockist of many things, Currys, has had stock recently. Definitely one to check as local stores’ stock can be a factor here.View Deal

Pre-order at Very – £199.99 (currently out of stock)
Another popular retailer in the UK for gaming, Very too has no stock right now it seems, but it has been coming and going. One to keep an eye on.View Deal

So there you have it, those are the best places to try right now to place a PlayStation Portal pre-order. We’ll do our best to keep the page updated to direct you to the best places to try as stock levels change, and in case you need a last quickfire look, here’s our price finding tech again to give you another look.

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Source: techradar.com

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